Exo Terra Glow-In-The-Dark Water Dish - Tombstone

Exo Terra Glow-In-The-Dark Water Dish - Tombstone


Scare up some excitement in your Halloween Terrarium with the new spooky Exo Terra Halloween Ornaments. The Exo Terra Tombstone Water Dish is perfect for reptiles to drink from. When the lights go out, the Tombstone water dish glows in the dark making the dish easy to spot. The water dish is hygienic, washable, easy to clean and adds a spooky element in the terrarium.

Brew up a Halloween potion by adding Aquatize Water Conditioner (PT1979) to our Tombstone water dish, making water safe and clean. Aquatize removes heavy metals, chlorine, and chloramines, which is necessary for the proper care and maintenance of captive reptiles and amphibians.

Enhance your potion by adding liquid Electrolyte and Calcium Supplements (PT1973, PT1993) to support healthy bone and muscle growth in your pet reptiles.

Key Features :

  • Tombstone
  • Glows in-the-dark
  • Hygienic and easy to clean
  • Add water conditioners or supplements to the water to benefit the reptile