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Fluval Life Spectrum T5HO Fluorescent Bulb - 24 W

Fluval Life Spectrum T5HO Fluorescent Bulb - 24 W


Fluval Life Spectrum T5 HO aquarium bulb delivers a balanced intense natural white light which closely mimics daylight. The bulb is ideal for planted freshwater aquariums and saltwater aquariums. Its high CRI value ensures accurate viewing and present aquarium inhabitants as the way they would in nature.

Key Features :

  •  Balanced natural light spectrum
  •  Strong plant growth
  •  Natural presentation 
  •  Ideal for freshwater, saltwater, and planted aquariums; coral and invertebrates
  •  Produces more light per bulb surface area than conventional fluorescents
  •  Longer life versus other comparable high output fluorescents
  •  Super bright lighting, strong blue spectral range, stimulates photosynthetic corals, invertebrates and other marine life
  •  T5 High Output Tri-Phosphor formulation for balanced high light output performance
  •  Closely mimics natural mid-day sun, accurate color rendering for a natural-looking aquarium
  •  Intense, powerful illumination effectively penetrate deep aquariums
  •  Effectively stimulates photosynthetic process in plants, corals, and other invertebrates
  •  For use with a T5 HO specific electronic ballast only
  •  Size: 55 cm (22"")
  •  24 Watts
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