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Fluval Sea Marine Salt -50lb

Fluval Sea Marine Salt -50lb


Formulated for pure and balanced results, Fluval SEA Salt delivers an effective, quick-dissolving blend of macro and micro elements that allow your corals, invertebrates, and fish to flourish.

Fluval SEA Salt allows you to achieve an ideal marine pH level (8.1 - 8.2) right out of the package. Attaining an optimal pH will not only help you replicate a saltwater environment that is truer to nature, but will also allow your corals to remain unstressed during routine water changes.

Beware of "premium" salts on the market containing excessive alkalinity levels as they can spike pH values for hours after being mixed with water. This can bring imbalance to the tank and is often a point of frustration for many hobbyists, who must aerate the mixture in order to achieve the same results that Fluval offers in mere minutes.

With enriched magnesium levels (1250 - 1300ppm), Fluval SEA Salt stabilizes calcium to ensure it remains in-solution and is efficiently absorbed by corals. Calcium is included at a higher level (460ppm at a S.G of 1.023), providing the necessary building blocks for the development and maintenance of a strong coral skeletal structure.

Fluval SEA Salt also offers an ideal Strontium concentration range (8 - 12ppm), supporting tissue growth while also being a key macro element found in healthy skeletal structures.

Micro elements are a key consideration when formulating a quality, ocean-like marine salt. Fluval SEA employs a unique, small-batch production process that accurately measures a proprietary mix of trace elements, resulting in a consistent product time and time again. This type of control not only allows for accurate dosing, but also ensures our Salt always remains free of phosphate and nitrate.

Key Features :

  • Fast-dissolving blend of macro and micro elements - establishes a natural saltwater environment quickly and easily. 
  • Allows user to achieve ideal marine pH level right out of the package - will help avoid coral stress during routine water changes.
  • Enriched Magnesium levels to stabilize calcium - efficiently absorbed by corals for greater growth potential.
  • High Calcium levels for greater development and maintenance of a strong coral skeletal structure.
  • Ideal Strontium concentration range to support coral tissue growth and a healthy skeletal structure.
  • Unique small-batch production process for a consistent, proprietary trace element mix that is free of phosphate and nitrate.
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