Snake Bedding

Snake Bedding


Exo Terra® Snake Bedding, a biodegradable reptile substrate made from sustainable untreated wood, is ideal for breeders and professional reptile keepers. Exo Terra® Snake Bedding is dust-free and extremely soft, making it perfect for even the most sensitive species and hatchlings. Its high absorption rate (3:1), combined with its fast drying properties, make this 100% natural bedding very low maintenance.

Directions for use:
Ensure the terrarium or breeding tub is disinfected and dry. Spread an even layer (minimum 2.5 cm /1") on the bottom of the terrarium or tub. Spot clean the bedding
on a daily basis, and completely replace with new bedding every 8 weeks or when necessary.

Note: it is recommended to remove the reptiles from the bedding during feeding.

-Extremely Soft 
-Reduces Odour 
-Highly Absorbent